A creative spin on the traditional wedding gift that is trending recently is crowdfunding. If you are planning a wedding and are worried about expenses when it comes to starting your life together, crowdfunding can be a helpful solution. Setting up wedding crowdfunding can a way to gear your loved ones towards larger items that you really need help with purchasing. Here are three instances where crowdfunding could be put into place instead of asking for traditional gifts.

  1. Making a Big Purchase Possible for a Couple

    A practical approach to wedding gifts is to crowdfund big ticket items so that a couple can combine funds for larger gifts. This might be saving up for a family car or even a down payment on a home. These days, couples may already be living together or might have all of the housewares they need. Loved ones can contribute towards a larger gift that will bring a couple joy for years to come.

  2. Honeymoons Can Be a Great Crowdfunded Gift

    For couples who don’t have funds saved up to go on their dream honeymoon, asking guests to pool together for this expense can be a great help. Couples can get creative with smaller amounts broken up and ask for ‘gifts‘ such as scuba diving, a nice dinner out or a night’s cost in a hotel. By breaking up smaller parts of a trip, loved ones will be guided to give an amount they are comfortable with. The hope is these incremental amounts will cover overall honeymoon costs.

  3. Crowdfunding the Cost of One’s Wedding

    Relying on parents to spring large amounts for weddings is not as much the norm these days. The ‘dream wedding’ fund may have already gone to more practical needed items in one’s life. Many times parents have helped with college, rent, and getting young adults on their feet. Couples that wait to get married until they are older might find that wedding costs will fall on the bride and groom. Asking others to help pay for a great party is a fun way to get everyone involved and make sure everyone wins.

Crowdfunding is a great way to get couples what they really want or even need to get going on their life together. Nobody wants to start out married life in debt because of wedding-related costs or big-ticket items needed to get started on a life together. Getting loved ones involved in larger gifts as a group is a win-win and can make everyone happy.

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